Here you can learn more about intuitive painting. This month you can gain more insight into colour in this overview.

::The importance of Colour::

By using only the three primary colours, yellow (the mind), red (the body) and blue (the soul) we learn to explore the mixing of these colours to find the colour of our need and vibration required. We can learn that certain colours enhance us and others that cause dysfunction. Through exploring colour we can help our energy flow to its full potential. Below is a chart of colour and some of their effects.

1.Red/Orange To stimulate; to boost energy levels, physical will.


2.Orange To awaken creative expansion; to increase awareness; to increase sociability; to bring joy into your life, death & rebirth.


3.Yellow To improve the use of a logical approach; to increase confidence, detachment and encourage the ability to plan; to balance thinking


4.Green To balance and assist the gaining of self-control; to balance and reform, harmony, love.


5.Blue To slow down; to release tension; to sedate; to raise consciousness; to increase self awareness; to encourage contemplation, truth.


6.Indigo To activate healing, intuition, higher consciousness.


7.Violet Art, beauty, religion, connection to the Devine.




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